Module 1 - A New Way of Thinking Feeling and Being

This module forms part of the Personal Development PEAT online training program.

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What you receive:

Two Modules Including:

  • The Introduction to The PEAT Personal Development self paced online training program.
  • Module 1 - A New Way of Thinking, Feeling and Being
  • Full free community access + support and extra resources

This module needs to be completed before any of the other modules in the program.  It has the principles and keys of psychosomatic therapy which create the base to this work.


  • The Three Keys
  • Duality of Consciousness
  • An in-depth look at Chakras and their relationship with the body
  • Planes of Existence
  • The Feedback loop

Each module is complete with submodules and lessons, these lessons include resources, written curriculum and recorded video tuition, plus reference to external links for extra study if required. 

Cost of this module is $522.50 inc GST


The full Self development PEAT program includes 9 training modules.

  1. Introduction - Your frame of reference
  2. A New way of Thinking and Being
  3. The Foundation of Life - Language of the Feet
  4. Embodiment, You and Your body
  5. Face Language and how we Face the world
  6. Language of personal history - Reflection on the Past
  7. Language of the Hands - The World is in your Hands
  8. The Magic of Emotion - An Atom in Me
  9. Disease is a catalyst and an opportunity for change
  10. Confirmation and Celebration

Plus live group coaching calls with Gillian Maddigan & Bianca Moeschinger

We deliver:

The tools and principles of psychosomatic therapy and its relationship with our emotional anatomy with the entire body, emotions and mind.  

How to apply the tools therapeutically to yourself first and then to others.

PEAT Training Programs offer a step by step process for understanding:

         - The Structure (the subject is you or another)

         - The Purpose (what does the process do, from the intricate part of your body to the gross nature) 

         - The Energy flow (how does it communicate)​

Framework and process aligned with therapy and practitioner focus.

To complete your training qualification - Attend the Face to Face 6 day in Person. 

Total cost of training - $4,394 inc GST

NOTE: You will receive a credit towards the full training once you complete this module.


What People Are Saying:

Huge thanks to you both for collaborating to offer such a rewarding course. Having not undertaken any in-depth online learning, I had no idea of what to expect but feel that it worked well. I liked the structure, having 2 days between calls & the fact that it was spread over the months was a triumph for our us far more detail & depth I'm sure, than what could be achieved with the shorter live delivery.


$522.50 AUD inc GST

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