Gillian Maddigan 

Co-Founder Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy Training programs - P E A T


Master Practitioner

in Psychosomatic Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage and Emotional Anatomy  

MY HOLISTIC TOOLBOX  in Mind-Body Communication: I taught Face Reading from 2000 until 2006. In 2007 completed my training and became a registered teacher with a Diploma in Teaching Psychosomatic Therapy with Hermann Müller, my father. Hermann founded the Psychosomatic Therapy College on the Gold Coast.  

THIS JOURNEY came about after my husband's tragic and sudden death in a workplace accident; I found myself a widow and a mother of a toddler. 

I moved to the Gold Coast to escape the memories, expand my world, develop a relationship with my new partner and started to work with my dad Hermann Müller, who was developing Psychosomatic Therapy. 

I worked in the office with Marie(Hermann's wife) of Harmony Body & Mind Healing Centre(which was perfect, and I was going through my healing and discovery process) and as an editor of Hermann's books and manuals. 

After expanding into new events and attending as a Face Reader became the Festival Events Manager for festivals representing the Psychosomatic Therapy College around Australia and became a foundation member and President of the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists-INTAPT Inc. 

"A life lived with conscious awareness is full of choices and self-control. This self-control is ownership of my experiences and the results - Living a psychosomatic rich life finds me loving who I am."



MY ROOTS are deep in the world of Psychosomatics, even before I knew what Psychosomatics was. I had started reading people early on in life to fit in as a child immigrant and entered a new family dynamic.

Reading patterns in body language, postures and energy flow and putting in place contingencies was a survival technique to preserve my identity. That was all I could control as a 7-year-old, how I was seen or not seen.  

In 1993 I was broken of heart, and being; I had lost all the structure that supported the old me. So when my father explained the basics of Psychosomatics, it was a light bulb moment. 

 I started to weave the threads of my past with the education and physical applications; I was hooked into a life based on the principles of Psychosomatics. 

Every person I encountered became an opportunity to develop an internal library of Psychosomatic awareness; it was helped by the vast amount of face readings and body analysis I did through festivals and in the clinic. Over those thirteen years, Face reading became so popular I was reading up to 40 faces each day for 2-3 days; it built my internal reference library, which now gives me quick speed and accuracy. 

Reading and decoding people was like a drug - a deep need to understand why people do what they do so I could connect with and understand them at a deeper level.

I deeply desire to empower others to understand themselves better so they can manage how they turn up and want to be truly seen in the world. 

In understanding themselves, they then have the space to experience and understand others at a different level and with a new lens rather than only at face value. I help people to connect and communicate in a new way for more significant benefit.

Teaching, coaching and sharing the tools and experience I have gained in working with clients, students and in my daily experiences over my lifetime has become a pleasure rather than a driving need.

WHAT YOU GAIN is understanding and a communication toolkit that can be developed, customised and utilised to benefit your professional and personal life. You can take it anywhere you turn up. 


Gillian Maddigan

Reach your potential with the PEAT training programs & retreats

Tiered towards either Personal OR Professional Development

Find the resources that are right for you.



Our goal is to provide resources in all price ranges.  This gives most people the chance to sample the magic of this work

Starting from $49AUD you can access one of our many mini courses.  Each course is a PEAT course, which means it has a psychosomatic element to it. 

These courses contain exercises, videos, information and resources on subjects related to:

Resilience, relationships, death, conscious eating, chakras, mothers/fathers, triggers, embodiment, energy in motion, touch, feel and rest.

New courses are being released all the time.

The PEAT Programs are a place where our combined abundance is landing. Bianca & Gillian xo




Our Flagship PEAT Intensive training program is designed to be completed online in a self paced fashion initially.

The program will reconnect you with your guidance system, whilst gaining awareness of your Psychosomatic relationship.

Our goal is to provide, concepts and processes that will support your journey to independence, regulation and balance.

Our programs amplify your Body/Mind relationship, giving you the power to manage and lead your own life, whilst enjoying relationships with others.

The PEAT training program runs from online 'Self Development to 'Psychosomatic Therapy Qualification' which includes In-Person 'Emotional release Bodywork' training.



Our community is a place where we can share resources directly with our members.

Members can interact with each other and have direct access to Bianca and Gillian.

Our community is Psychosomatics, Emotional Anatomy, Emotional release bodywork and yoga focused.

We provide free resources on resilience, relationships, death, conscious eating, chakras, mothers/fathers, triggers, embodiment, energy in motion, touch, feel and rest. 

Bianca and Gillian invite you to bring your diversity to the group, including your questions and enquiry.


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