Our students share their experience of The PEAT Training programs

Testimonial Author: 

Rhiannon Denver - January 2024 Cohort

The PEAT in person training program exemplifies perfectly the value of this unique modality; Psychosomatic Therapy. The in person learning, practice and development is invaluable.

Psychosomatics centres on enriching the relationship between the mind and body. Our existence here and now has us unable to ignore the body, nor the internal mental and emotional journey we have through life. So why not embrace bringing the mind, body and heart altogether?

Following the provision of online learning and theory PEAT provides, we immersed ourselves learning in the flesh what story our bodies and minds express and how to move towards realignment. We delved deep into witnessing and participating in processes that will allow us practitioners to enable others on their journey to better their overall wellbeing.

The time was with two masters in the therapy, who welcomingly provided a safe space, professional standards and shared willingly their knowledge, skills and past experiences.

This training is something that has to be done. There is no replacement for the real thing and what it leads to after.

Thank you Bianca, Gillian and the amazing crew who we quickly grew with together.

Testimonial Author: 

Michelle Reichman - July 2023 to January 2024 Cohort

What a challenging but awakening experience to fully immerse yourself into a small group of like minded but vastly different people to experience growth on an individual and collective level. For anyone who choses to venture into further understanding themselves and others this course will offer you much growth both personally and professionally.

Bianca and Gillian offer a richness of information delivered in uniquely differing styles which caters for a variety of people and ensures the richness is received depending on what resonates with you at the time of receiving.

I feel that this richness is a gift that will continue to keep giving well beyond the completion of this course.

Thank you for providing me with this opportunity for such deep and profound self reflection

Testimonial Author: 

Felicity Fowler - January 2024 Cohort

The 6 day course co-facilitated by Bianca and Gillian was a truly grounding and personally integrative experience offering structured theory, bodywork application and seeing how authenticity delivers real outcomes to change tissue and emotional release from the body.

Once there is awareness of energy centres or chakra imbalance and how it shows up in the body, we can truly focus on how to assist clients, and Bianca’s and Gillian’s differing styles provided great insight and motivation to find our own individual approach.

Thank you so so much for such rich insight and teaching. 

Testimonial Author: 

Amanda McAlpine  - July 2022 to January 2023 Cohort

Huge thanks to you both for collaborating to offer such a rewarding course. Having not undertaken any in-depth online learning, I had no idea of what to expect but feel that it worked well.

I liked the structure, having 2 days between calls & the fact that it was spread over the months was a triumph for our us far more detail & depth I'm sure, than what could be achieved with the shorter live delivery.

Morella  - January to July 2022 Cohort

When you begin the Psychosomatics & Emotional anatomy training program we take a photo at the beginning, the middle and the end...

We split the photo and create a composite of two lefts (inner/feminine world) and two rights (outer/masculine world). 

The photo shows the balance between your masculine and feminine self.

After the face reading and decoding module another shot is taken and split to understand tangible progress and change.

A 3rd shot is taken at the end of the modules before the last week..

Morella's Photos:

The top photo taken in January 2022, the second photo was taken June 2022 and the last photo (Morella is looking down in the photo) July 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: The first row of photos - from left to right when you look at the screen

2 right sides together (masculine) - The middle is the actual photo - 2 left sides together (feminine)

The second row of photos has -  2 right sides together (masculine) - 2 left sides together (feminine) -The middle is the actual photo

The last row of photos has - 2 right sides together (masculine) - The middle is the actual photo - 2 left sides together (feminine) 


The Changes

We look at the vitality of the life force, the condition and tone of the skin, the presence, light and connection in the eyes and the growth, as well as physical changes with the muscle structure and definition. We also pay attention to balance between the mental-emotional-physical and the left-right side relationship of the face, this shows integration of self and the embodiment of the work.