Our body is our Emotional Anatomy.


It carries our emotional history.


We live from that history every day.

If we stop and listen, we will hear and feel our life, living and breathing in our body.

Our body is alive, it communicates with us all the time.  Our emotional anatomy carries the stories of every action, reaction and feeling we have experienced.

It has a motion responce that forms the same pathways that have been built since we were conceived.

We are so attuned to these pathways that we become unconscious to them and they just happen with acceptance from us.

It is only when we stop and listen do we really start to understand the language and memory that is stored in our emotional anatomy.

A trigger can remind us of a memory, it can create a physical response through a sense or a feeling that brings back into our awareness an event from the past.

Awareness creates Understanding

Understanding creates Change





Listening and Acknowledging is about Validation


When we listen to our emotional anatomy, we validate ourselves.  We become the parent, the elder, the authority of our own universe.  It is then that we have choice to either remain in the condition we are in or change it.


This ultimately creates acceptance. With self acceptance comes peace.  

Another person can only treat us the same as we treat our selves.  By gaining an understanding of how we treat parts of ourselves we can become liberated.

The truth truely does set us free..

Psychosomatic therapy is the analysis and understanding of the emotional anatomy and its relationship with the mind.


This work gifts us both, an understanding of the mind and the emotional anatomy.  We learn how to interpret its language inter ally and externally.

This gives us awareness, which also gives us choice.  With choice we can have that life we desire.